Our new costumer: manten

Show Room

Address: No.77/78, First Floor, Sina Building, Manouchehri St., TEHRAN, IRAN

Phone: (+9821) 33981854

Fax: (+9821) 33981929

Store 1

Address: No.8/9, Second Floor, kourosh Complex, Opposite Payambar Ave., Sattari Exp Way, Payambar – TEHRAN, IRAN

Phone: (+9821) 44971559

Store 2

Address: No.308, First Floor, Arg Shopping Centre, Sad Abad St., Tajrish Sq., TEHRAN, IRAN

Phone: (+9821) 22396797

Store 3

Address: No.308, Second. Floor, Megamal Shopping Centre, Second phase of Ekpatan., TEHRAN, IRAN

Phone: (+9821) 44634980

Our new customer: HRBG

HRBG  is a construction company based in London with various activities in this field:
•  Domestic work
o  Roofing
•  Commercial work
o  Roofing
o  Scaffolding
o  Day works
o  Response
o  Building works and refurbishment
The company has expanded very rapidly in the last year by combining several businesses. The new larger company is taking up more work and expanding its services.
One of the services expanded into recently is called Response, which entails the provision of building and roofing repair works to main local Council contractors such as Waites and Kiers.